Showcasing Original Oil Paintings By leBON

This oil painting is for sale Asking Price $5,000,000 dollars ( $5 Million Dollars )

The emerging art artist leBON, This untitled oil painting is for sale. Asking price of $5,000,000 dollars. ( $5 Million Dollars ) Please email us, to inquire about the oil painting, by leBON. The size of the oil painting, is 150 cm x 100 cm or 5 feet long by 3 feet wide. Painted on canvas, in a freestyle, and a rawness, that leBON, love's to paint this way. All artwork would be sold at auction.

Showcasing Other leBON Oil Paintings

These oil paintings are also for sale, please use the email box, to inquire about leBON artwork. thanks.


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